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Riding for a cleaner, greener Bruges!

A green, alternative mode of transport in and around Bruges! Een groen, alternatief vervoersmiddel voor Brugge. Call us (+32) 478 51 41 15

Low emissions

Keeping our city greener

Bicycle benefits

Quick and smooth transport


Bicycle shortcuts = less cost

Friendly Service

Working outdoors is good for the soul, our drivers are always smiling!

About Us

We are GreenRides, one of the first bicycle taxi companies to be introduced to Bruges! We live and work here, and our aim is to see our city become an environmentally-friendly and forward-thinking place to both live and visit. Riding for a cleaner, greener city! Wij zijn GreenRides, de beste fietstaxi in Brugge! We brengen je heel snel van A naar B, op eender welk moment van de dag! Bel GreenRides fietstaxi Brugge op het nummer ✆ +32 (0) 478 51 41 15

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U wenst informatie over fietstaxi Brugge GreenRides? For information regarding events, or if you'd like to see us in your city, please don't hesitate to contact us at hello@greenrides.eu

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